Handmade loom accessories and clothes & oak wood/silver jewelry

Shapes & textures inspired by the nature & people of the mountainous region of Zagori in North-Western Greece in the Unesco Geopark & National Park of Vikos-Aoos. A magical place, with lots and lots of mushrooms among other things, hence porcini, where I lived with my family for more than 5 years. A place which taught me that simple and essential is all you need!


Seven metres of handwoven fabric!

Laying the fabric on the garden table to see all colour combinations available under the…

Sneak preview on our new joyful cards!

Sneak preview on our new cards! This time we go floral and foresty. Flowers, leaves,…

Pre-Easter in Tenos island

Back to Tenos. Pre-Easter this time. Nature is alive and kicking, temperature just right, colours…

What does chatGPT think about our handbags?

What is the learned answer of chatGPT (the artificial intelligence newborn - November 2022 -…

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