Cuties, small & cute oak wood porcini mushroom keyrings

“Cuties” keyrings are small, cute & elegant! The new inspiration of handmade porcini keyrings made for delicate hands…!
They are hand carved with an opinel knife in the shape of porcini mushrooms (penny bun or cep). The material is oak wood or kermes wood and they have a wire ring to hang your keys from. The cap is painted with Tommy Art chalk colour for a deep and “earthly” feeling. Very sturdy to hold! Get good natural vibes from these fungi keyrings…..

Average size is about +/- 3,5cm in height including the wire. Please note that size and shape vary a little as they are completely handmade. The wire is recycled/reused.


cuties originals | handmade wooden jewelry and keychains

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light blue, light blue (with white dots), light green, pink, pink (with white dots), red, red with white dots (amanita muscaria)