Handmade woven Clutch Purse & Shoulder Bag made with The Pokari Project yarn

Handmade woven clutch purse & medium sized shoulder bag with an adjustable strap. Both are made using Greek wool yarn for the weft supplied by The Pokari Project. Handmade with fabric made by me in the loom using cotton warp and wool weft.

The Clutch purse (choose size “S”) has a zipper and the top folds by a third in a stylish manner!
Dimensions open (approximate): 26cmX28cm (WXH)
Dimensions with top folded (approximate): 26cmX18cm (WXH)

The Shoulder bag (choose size “M”) has an adjustable black fabric strap. Ideal for carrying around all those small daily essentials on the go in style!
Dimensions (approximate): 47cmX31cm (WXH)
Drop length (approximate): 58cm~90cm


  • The pictures cannot show the subtlety of the colors or the exact shape. Both bags look and feel much better in reality!
  • Each side is slightly different than the other
  • Due to the fact that they are made by hand some very small variations to size and shape may be observed. This is not a quality issue and it adds to the uniqueness of the pouch
  • 100% cotton used as lining.


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The Pokari projectSome info about The Pokari project:  At the Pokari Project, they believe that any kind of sheep wool is a valuable resource if used wisely. It is a natural product with multiple traits. It has thermoregulating, sound-, wind-proofing, and to some extent, fire-resistant properties. When correctly processed, it is relatively waterproof. Besides that, it is a skin-friendly and biodegradable material. It has been used traditionally in construction, the textile industry, as a filling for bedding and mattresses, and also in farming as a fertilizer. Moreover, lanoline, also known as wool wax, is a common ingredient used by the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry. The innovation of cheaper synthetic and oil-based fibres gradually replaced the natural woolen ones. Thus, the wool industry collapsed broadly in Greece and to a great extent globally. Wool is now mostly considered as a waste by-product of livestock farming. The Pokari Project seeks to restore the value of Greek wool by creating a sustainable yarn that supports the primary sector and contributes to reducing waste and to the conservation of our cultural heritage and indigenous sheep breeds.

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