Oak-wood porcini mushroom keyrings… the dark ones!


the dark ... ones Hand carved porcini keyrings made from dark oak wood with distinctive wood vein patterns. These keychains are the best companions to your keys! Tough, resilient and natural! They are good looking and age gracefully. The porcini (penny bun or cep) shaped keyrings are hand carved from dark oak-wood. A type of oak that is very hard to work with as it must be chiseled when completely dry and aged. Also, harder to find!

Finding the right pieces of wood takes some time in the forest as I pick only naturally aged branches. Time and UV light exposure cause the natural tannins in the wood to oxidise making it darker and thus accentuating the wood vein patterns. Very special indeed, natural art!!!

The key-chains are in the natural colour of oak wood: brown-beige. The cap is coated with a thin layer of wood preservative to accentuate it’s characteristic veins. Holding the keyring in your hand gives you a deep and “earthly” feeling. Very sturdy! Get good natural vibes from these fungi keyrings….. connect with mother earth.

The wire is recycled/reused.


  • The pictures are only indicative of the colour and shape. It does not show the actual keyring which you will get. The keyring will be slightly different as it is handmade and one of.
  • Please allow 2-5 days for the carving of the keyring.
  • Total length with loop (approximate): 4cm~7cm
  • These keyrings are slightly more expensive compared to the other ones due to the fact that they are much harder to carve as this specific wood is hard!

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