The chubby family… porcini mushroom keyrings made from dark oak wood

“Meet the chubby family”… lifelong companions to your keys! Tough, resilient. They are good looking and age gracefully. No botox needed.
These porcini (penny bun or cep) shaped keyrings are hand carved from dark oak-wood. A type of oak that is very hard to work with as it must be chiseled when completely dry and aged. Also, harder to find!

The key-chains are in the natural colour of oak wood, brown-beige. The cap has been coated with a thin layer of wood preservative to accentuate it’s characteristic veins. Holding them in your hand gives you a deep and “earthly” feeling. Very sturdy! Get good natural vibes from these fungi keyrings….. connect with mother earth.

The wire is recycled/reused.

Approximate height including wire:
pappa (the chubbiest) 5,7cm
mamma 5,8cm
junior 5,5cm
junior II 4,5cm


theOriginals | hand carved wooden porcini mushrooms - keychains & jewelry

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chubby family

pappa, mamma, junior, junior II