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The poems of Yiannis Stavrianos, Action Poetry Performance: Marina Kalogirou
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Born in Athens in 1971. He studied Business Administration at the University of Piraeus and has a Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA) from Pace University in New York.

He worked for his family business that operated in the fashion industry and for the last decade he lived in the City of Nafplio. He is also a published poet. Since 2018 when his first collection of poems “In a few square meters” was released by Kastaniotis Publishing House followed in 2019 by his second collection “Silences in a gap”.

Giannis Stavrianos

Action Poetry performed by actress
Marina Kalogirou

Action Poetry | Video Project | Happy End
Performed by actress Marina Kalogirou

“Happy End” by Giannis Stavrianos, Kastaniotis Editions | In these moments of social and physical containment, two best friends are finding creative ways to “stay in touch” despite the distance between them. A poet and an actress meet each other, expressing their own truth.

Creation – Performing: Marina Kalogirou
Photography – Editing: Nikos Koustenis
Production: Oneness Act

The actress Marina Kalogirou, staying at home, “converses” with the poem “Happy End” from the poetry collection “Silences in a Gap” (Kastaniotis Publications) by Yannis Stavrianos.

A digital documentary dialogue between the poet and the actress Marina Kalogirou in these moments we stay at home. A conversation as a means of “liberty” and “meeting” between the two creators under the conditions of a physical and social constraint, such as the one we are experiencing now due to the pandemic.



ελ culture

culture now

athens voice

Marina Kalogirou, using her interpretive means, sometimes manages with the voice and sometimes with the movement to converse both with the poem, giving sound and image to its lyrics, as well as with the poet himself and his existential quests, creating with her interpretation the necessary energy condition and atmosphere, where the bodily transcends the material and meets the intangible and respectively the intangible is realized.

Creation – Performance: Marina Kalogirou
Photography – Video – Editing: Nikos Koustenis
Poem: Yannis Stavrianos
Production: Oneness Act
April 2020

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